DOVE was born as a reaction to the realization of intimate partner violence on the island.  We are exploring and innovation around better ways to meet the challenges and barriers of the one in three women and one in five men who experience domestic violence. 

Initially, in 2011, The DOVE Project (which stands for Dignity, Opportunity, Voice, Empowerment) was a community group called the Vashon Healthy Community Network. 

In its entirety, DOVE was quite literally a phone and a bag, held and managed by a volunteer.  When the Vashon Healthy Community Network disbanded, DOVE applied for its 501(c)3 nonprofit status and was fiscally sponsored by Vashon Youth and Family Services.  In March 2013, DOVE officially became recognized as a 501(c)3 and began operating with complete autonomy.

DOVE is proud to be a social profit organization.  That's the point of our work: social profit.  The term nonprofit is misleading as there is a huge profit for the communities we serve.  Social profit is about desired social benefits, and that is defined locally.


We conduct every aspect of our work at the highest ethical standards and hold ourselves accountable to them. We value transparency and staunchly safeguard the confidentiality of the people we serve.

Innovation, Collaboration & Partnerships

We are committed to learning constantly, developing innovative practices, and evolving strategies as necessary to meet the changing needs of the community we serve. We want to align our work and outcome measurements with the up to date landscape of the community. It is only through collaboration can we have the broadest impact.

Social justice

We value diverse perspectives and strive to incorporate an anti-oppression lens in all aspects of our work. We acknowledge that racism is the root of all oppressive systems. We hold the systems we navigate accountable for anti-racist practices.


We conduct our work with compassion and meet our survivors, where they are with non-judgmental dignity. We believe in a person-centered, trauma-informed approach. In our advocacy, we hope to empower survivors to take the next steps of safety, security, and love. Our work begins and ends with the interests of survivors of relationship abuse in mind.




Executive Director


Heidi has an extensive background in finance and business operations. She came to DOVE in 2013 and has held several leadership seats on the board of directors during her time as a volunteer. Her focus is on making sustainable programs that work toward systemic change in our culture.


Tracy McLaren has been with  DOVE  since 2015.  Tracy began as an advocate, then moved into prevention work, and now oversees the advocacy, prevention and community outreach programming at DOVE.


Community Advocate


Nyn Grey has been with DOVE since January 2015. She acts as a Community Advocate and Program Manager for the Community Access to Therapy, Holistic Health  and Bystander Intervention Programs at the Agency. Nyn is a mother to three sweet girls, a wife, a proud owner of a great dog, and an island yoga instructor.


Community & Legal DV Advocate


Kyle has been with DOVE since 2014.  He has been a Prevention Specialist and a previous Teen Council co-facilitator.  He is currently the Legal DV advocate for DOVE. His background in health-care, non-profits & social anthropology.


Youth Advocate & Prevention Specialist


Maya Battisti splits her time between direct service advocacy and early intervention program initiatives at both McMurray Middle school and Vashon High. She is both the  Teen Council facilitator and Athletes as Leaders facilitator. She loves being a member of this incredible community and is grateful for the position she is in to positively affect its youth. Maya is the mother of two beautiful girls, enjoys walking the beach with her loyal mutt and can occasionally be seen performing in local benefits and fundraisers.


Community DV Advocate , LMFT


Rashaun has been working for DOVE since March 2019 but has worked within the field of domestic violence prevention since 2009. Rashaun focuses on direct services advocacy but assists in different areas as needed, including community outreach, community training, prevention work and school programming support. Rashaun is also a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist with a specialization in working with complex trauma. She believes in growing healthy relationships between couples, within families, and throughout the island community.


Stacie Caughell

Stacie is a wife, mom of four kids, and an aircraft Engineer with Alaska Airlines. She grew up on Vashon Island with her sister and  parents who were island business owners and served the community through various organizations. She has always held a spirit for leadership and serving others. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her family and friends, taking trips to the ocean and the mountains, reading, and traveling with her husband on “foodie” trips.

Tami Brockaway Joyce.png

Tami Brockway Joyce

Tami is a parent educator and officiant of weddings and other sacred ceremonies. She also performs as an actor, emcee and podcast host. 

Tami enjoys volunteering in the community and has worked on a number of non-profit boards. 

Erin Blower

Erin Blower is a mom and attorney who moved to Vashon Island 10 years ago.  She has spent most of her career working with domestic violence victims addressing protection orders, divorce, and child custody matters.  In her free time she likes to travel with friends and family, read, and go on easy hikes with her kids. 

Peter Reynen

It is a sobering reality that in the United States, 1 in 4 women and 1 in 7 men experience intimate partner physical violence, sexual violence, stalking and or emotional abuse with impacts such as injury, fearfulness, PTSD and even death. Several years ago, I lost my sister to domestic violence and since then I have been on a lifelong quest to do everything I can to help prevent it from happening to others. Joining the Dove Board allows to support my local community here on Vashon and to provide Dignity, Opportunity, Voice and Empowerment (DOVE) to those in need.

Chris Boscia

Chris (he-him) is delighted to serve on the Board of Directors for DOVE. He is a NYC-born activist, teacher, director, and actor.He teaches acting at Vashon Center for the Arts and has developed works at Open Space and VCA. Chris teaches Spanish both on island and off, and directed last year's production of She Kills Monsters for Drama Dock. He is the Artistic Director for Vashon's Take a Stand Theatre, which  answers the urgent call to center voices that have been systemically excluded, misrepresented, or silenced in traditional theatre.  As an activist on both coasts, Chris has worked to amplify BIPOC and LGBTQ+ voices and heads up Vashon in Solidarity Alliance.