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The DOVE Project's Mission

The DOVE Project is a domestic violence and sexual assault agency that provides survivor services, prevention education and community programming in an effort to reduce interpersonal harm.

The DOVE Project's Vision

We believe that everyone deserves to feel safe and supported in their communities and in their relationships.

The DOVE Project's Values






Respect Authenticity

Commitment to self-inquiry

Humility in learning



The DOVE Project's Belief Statements

We believe that violence is rooted within systems of racism and oppression.  We believe that every member of the community is capable of recognizing and being accountable to the part they play within they systems of privilege and oppression.  We believe this requires challenging that status quo.

We believe that an informed and compassionate understanding of trauma is the foundation of care in our community.

We believe that to serve our community best, we must be dedicated to self-learning and growth.

We believe that our community can be a community where we support survivors' choices without judgement.

We believe that our community can be one that respects, values, and promotes healthy, nonviolent relationships and communications.

We believe that a healthy community is one in which every member has a role to play either directly or indirectly in prevention, reducing or stopping interpersonal harm.

We endeavor to show up with integrity, authenticity, and transparency.




Executive Director

A native Oregonian, Heidi developed a desire to serve the community at a very young age. Through personal life experiences, her passion for ending relational violence has deepened.  Heidi is a fierce advocate for survivors of abuse and is fueled by her desire to create change and to help others break free from the cycle of violence.

Heidi’s background in the non-profit sector has given her the skills and knowledge necessary to increase awareness of domestic violence and sexual assault, provide resources and support to survivors in her community and educate the community on how to stop violence before it starts. She believes that everyone deserves to feel safe in their communities, homes and relationships!

When she's not working to end domestic violence, Heidi enjoys her family, friends and being a rowing mom, dance mom and dog mom on rural Vashon Island.


Tracy McLaren has been with  DOVE  since 2015.  Tracy began as an advocate, then moved into prevention work, and now oversees the advocacy, prevention and community outreach programming at DOVE.


Youth Advocate & Prevention Specialist

Maya Battisti splits her time between direct service advocacy and early intervention program initiatives at both McMurray Middle school and Vashon High. She is both the  Teen Council facilitator and Athletes as Leaders facilitator. She loves being a member of this incredible community and is grateful for the position she is in to positively affect its youth. Maya is the mother of two beautiful girls, enjoys walking the beach with her loyal mutt and can occasionally be seen performing in local benefits and fundraisers.


Community & Legal DV Advocate

Kyle (he/they/them)  has been with DOVE since 2014.  He has been a Prevention Specialist and a previous Teen Council co-facilitator.  They are currently the Legal DV advocate for DOVE & community resource navigator. Their background is in health-care, non-profits, social anthropology & the arts. They are the proud parent of a furry four legged friend, enjoy nature crafting and tai chi.


Community Advocate

Nyn Grey has been with DOVE since January 2015. She acts as a Community Advocate and Program Manager for the Community Access to Therapy, Holistic Health  and Bystander Intervention Programs at the Agency. Nyn is a mother to three sweet girls, a wife, a proud owner of a great dog, and an island yoga instructor.


Community DV Advocate , LMFT

Rashaun Renggli (she/her) has been working for DOVE since March 2019 but has worked within the field of domestic violence prevention since 2009. Rashaun is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist with a specialization in complex trauma and manages the mental health program for DOVE. Rashaun also assists in other areas including community outreach, community training, social media and marketing. She believes in growing healthy relationships between couples, within families, and throughout the island community.


Prevention Educator

Collin Veenstra (they/them) is a youth educator, artist and DOVE's new Prevention Specialist, working with youth ages 4-12. Collin has developed and managed a variety of youth programs over the past decade, including leadership development, day camps, sexual violence prevention, LGBTQ youth support, sexual health, and after-school programming for K-12 youth.  Collin is passionate about blending art, anti-oppression and consent education, and direct youth leadership and vision into youth programming. They love working with youth, making art, and spending time with their cats, Hibbi, Tov and Gelfling, and their dog, Grandpa Junior Jr. In 2019, Collin was awarded the National Sexual Violence Resource Center’s Visionary Voice Award for Washington State. 


Prevention Program Educator

Kelly (she/her) as a Prevention Program Educator role is to engage youth of all ages in programming targeted to the prevention of adverse experiences such as domestic violence, sexual assault, and sexual health. She has a background in behavioral health, with a Bachelor of Social Work and a master's degree in education, all lending to the work she does throughout the schools and community with Vashon's youth. Kelly enjoys creating and joining community events. In her spare time, she loves hiking, camping, backpacking, and kayaking, as well as spending time with her partner, chickens, and dogs while gardening and cooking!


Development and Donor Relations Officer

Charmica Epps Harris (she/her) is DOVE's Development and Donor Relations Officer with over 12 years of fundrasing, communications and donor engagement experience. She has a passion for working with non-profits to grow their fundraising and friendraising efforts to impact communities and families. When she isn't working, she is spending time with her family or volunteering with her sorority.

Tami Brockaway Joyce.png

Tami Brockway Joyce

A PNW native and third generation Islander, Tami first fell into nonprofit work as a teenager volunteering at a Humane Society summer camp. Inspired by working with kids, Tami developed a passion for volunteer work that stuck. From teaching creative dramatics at The Boys & Girls Club to becoming a Big Sister through Big Brother/Big Sisters (she and her “little sister” have been together for 23 years now), nonprofit work has fostered her passion for respecting and listening to kids. Tami serves as DOVE’s Board President, works as a Parent Educator at Vashon Maury Cooperative Preschool, and co-hosts the comedy podcast The BROADcast with the Famous Filson Sisters. She loves playing board games with her teenagers and husband and living in the woods on Vashon. 


Reach out at or catch her on Instagram at @VashonTeacherTami!


Jennifer Potter

Jennifer Potter is a 20-year resident of Vashon Island, mother of two teenagers, and performer in support of fundraising activities for multiple island organizations. She has worked in the legal profession for 30 years and is well aware of the inequities of marginalized persons.


Jennifer has been active on other island non-profit boards and is grateful for the opportunity to serve her community through the DOVE Project Board of Directors.


Kylie Jack

Kylie Jack (she/her) designs interfaces for computer software. She composes music, writes fiction, and enjoys sailing. She’s passionate about transgender rights and advocacy and wants to create impact at the intersection of those issues with domestic violence prevention. 

12-7-22_MG_6495 2.jpg

Bethany Stormer

Bio coming soon!


Maya Krah

Bio coming soon!


Cate O'Kane

Cate (Pronouns: She/Her) brings her passion for collaboration to both her personal and professional lives. When not creating strategic partnerships that merge the expertise and resources of non-profits, corporations and governments as Founder of &co, she can be found treading the boards alongside other creative souls as an actress with a number of Vashon Island theatre companies. British by birth, Islander by choice Cate is honored to be a part of The DOVE Project and help scale and sustain this important work.


Justine Witt

Justine is an islander at heart, but only recently moved here six years ago. She is mother to an artist and VISD student, and partner to a Vashon author. Her life on the island is not at all what her younger self envisioned for life, and she loves that the unexpected has turned out so well. She feels lucky for the peace and happiness that she enjoys, and has joined the board to do what she can to help others build that for themselves. Justine is enthusiastic about DOVE's youth programs and teaching our kids how to manage their own happiness and defend their boundaries. She believes in the fundamental interconnectedness of all things, and the profound importance of community.


Daniel Powers

Daniel (he/his) is an island artist, activist, and educator. In his day job, Daniel is a university-level course designer and curriculum writer. He frequently volunteers for island organizations, including the Vashon Island School District, various drama organizations, and the local equine rescue facility of Emerald City Pet Rescue. Daniel lives with his wife Laura and son Phineas on the island, and is grateful and honored to work with The DOVE Project. 

Erin H..jpg

Erin Hansen

Growing up immersed in the rebellious spirit of punk rock, Erin (She/They) gained invaluable insights into the need for community action and the essential support for those facing adversity. Beyond the board, finds joy in family life, artistic exploration, and live music. An advocate for personal growth and challenging bias, they infuse the punk ethos into their community engagement, contributing wholeheartedly to uplift survivors on their journey to healing.

L. Tanner

Layla Tanner

LAYLA TANNER is proud to join the Board of Directors at the DOVE Project. Having grown up in the Seattle area, Layla has lived on Vashon for the last five years, and she has taught in Vashon Island School District for the last four years, serving at Chautauqua Elementary. As an educator and advocate for young people, Layla feels that students' physical and emotional safety are paramount and supports the DOVE project's programs to teach about consent and healthy relationship habits for teens in the district. When Layla volunteered with the Share Hope Gala in the fall of last year, she was intrigued by the work that DOVE has done in the community since its inception and knew that she needed to be more involved with the organization. When Layla is not teaching or working with DOVE, Layla is hanging out with her family, has her nose in a book, or is working toward her yoga-teaching certification.

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