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Prevention Education


Teen Council

Peer to peer sex education and leadership program that teaches  high school students to be accurate and trustworthy resources for their peers about sexual health and healthy relationships. 

Coaching Boys into Men

A leadership program for male athletes aimed at violence prevention and increase respect for female-identifying peers.   

Athletes as Leaders

A leadership program for female athletes that aims to promote healthy relationships, foster a more positive girl culture, and end sexual violence.


Primary prevention activities weekly during lunch in middle school.  Topics include healthy relationships, bystander intervention and social justice.


After school program partnering with VashonKids providing inclusive spaces for youth of all gender identities to learn, share, and explore topics related to kindness, self- and community-care.

Planting Seeds

Virtual monthly series for adult family members and caregivers of youth K-2nd grade on how to navigate early conversations about difficult topics.

Growing Together

Linking Families & Teens.  A free, 5-hour weekend workshop designed for teens and their parents to strengthen communication.


In school circles and camps to honor the feminine, empower youth, build connection, and create space for listening, sharing, mentorship and support.

Register for 2022/2023 in school circles


Empty Bar


Vashon SAFE is a collective of island bars & restaurants that is promoting a dialogue around alcohol impairment and sexual assault.


SAFE is working together to promote an environment of safety in island establishments. SAFE creates educational training to inform staff about drugs and alcohol as it relates to sexual assault.


We are working together to create safe plans in the event someone is drugged or overly intoxicated and therefore more susceptible to sexual assault. We are watching. This is the first step of an ongoing process.



Contact us for more information on Vashon SAFE events, including bar staff training on sexual assault.

Legal Support

DOVE gives assistance and support to domestic violence and sexual assault survivors as they engage with the legal system.  Most survivors need some form of legal support in the course of their journey.  Many cannot afford to hire a lawyer.


Our legal clinic is offered by appointment. 


Call to make an appointment for our legal clinic     (206) 462-0911.

This page was developed to inform you about the legal options that may be available to you. None of the information contained in this site is, or is meant to be, legal advice. We don’t guarantee that the information on our site is correct, complete, or recent in nature. And we don’t give an express or implied warranty as to the accuracy of that information.

Also, please note that neither this website, nor your visit to it, create an attorney-client relationship between you and any attorney working for DOVE, and just because you read our site, that doesn’t mean that we are your attorneys. Don’t strictly rely on the information we have on our site; it is not intended, nor should you let it, replace the advice of an attorney. Your choice of a lawyer and whether you need legal representation are both very important matters that should not be based on a visit to a website alone.




As Advocates we are able to join you for filing paper work, and can stand with you when-you speak to the judge, though we can’t speak for you, and if there are court hearings where you may need to be in the same room with the person who had caused harm, we as Advocates can be by your side as a barrier, friendly face and support for processing for what happens next.

The court advocates are also able to be scheduled for hearings, to process information & assistance, stand with you in the courtroom, but not speak for you.  The only people who can speak for you, other than yourself, in court are Lawyers or Attorneys, that you can hire to represent you.

As an individual you can file for protection orders and dissolutionment and parenting plans, but we do suggest that you consult with an attorney, though the system is established so that you can, and that we can be with you through the process.

Call to speak with a legal advocate     (206) 462-0911.



Outreach & Engagement


Our highest priority is to provide person-centered, unbiased advocacy, prevention education and community partnerships with relationship as our focus.

Community Engagement is founded on relationship. We believe that to change our culture to one of inclusion and equity, we need to provide relevant services to direct community needs.

We believe that our community can be one that respects, values, and promotes healthy, nonviolent relationships and communications.

To stop violence, we must dismantle the oppression guided by racism, sexism, classism, ableism. It takes ALL of us to act.