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Dove's Sisterhood Circles: listening and sharing from the heart.

Sisterhood Circles offer a dependable weekly space for youth to find calm and focus during a busy day. We create a space of inclusion that nurtures connection and authentic expression built upon our foundational commitments of how to treat each other equitably, respectfully and kindly both in and outside of circle.

Our circles are based on the practice of Council, which is rooted in deep listening from the heart and deep sharing from the heart. We take time to really learn about each other, giving equal opportunity for each person to be seen and heard. These weekly listening and sharing practices let youth know their voices matter, that each of them are important, and that the choices they make have impact on themselves and all those around them. Circles model that we can all practice kindness for self, peers, and community.

We begin with a mindful meditation, followed by a “check-in” often in the form of

‘Rose-Thorn-Bud,’ which prompts youth to share about what is present in their lives in the moment—what is going well and can be celebrated, what is challenging and may need support, and what is something unfolding they are excited about. We also often set intentions for the day or week for how to live with greater resiliency and care. Games, laughter, creative art, gratitude, movement and poetry are all woven in to explore themes of friendship, healthy relationship, self-care, social activism, inner strength, authentic identity, and what it means to be a youth growing up in these times.

Sisterhood Circles build community around shared values of how we want to be with each other in this world, while supporting each other in a wide array of interests and expressions. It is inspiring to witness the sometimes unexpected yet very-welcomed connections that form when inclusion and healthy friendship practices are at play! We honor the bravery it takes to be one’s full self in a world that often tries to fit youth in a box.

-Emmy & Laura, Circle facilitators

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