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2021 Gratitude Report from Vashon DOVE Project

Updated: Jan 19, 2022

Looking back on this past year, we are humbled to see the ways DOVE has been able to adapt and grow our supports and services with the help from our broader community. Through the many challenges we have faced in 2021, Vashon has continually shown its strength, kindness, and commitment to community care. As we reflect on DOVE’s organizational highlights of 2021, we recognize that we are just a small piece in this story of how our community moves through challenges. It truly takes all of us.

Our advocacy team worked with over 700 Vashon community members this past year. We provided advocacy to help survivors navigate legal matters, safe housing, friends and family empowerment, and mental health supports, including 500+ hours of legal advocacy and over 100 + hours of mental health trauma services offered. We are proud to have worked with the Vashon community to give over $10,000 in emergency funding for survivors.

DOVE’s prevention education has grown in 2021 as well. DOVE’s Teen Council peer educators provided Vashon youth with education on sexual health and interpersonal violence prevention, adapting throughout the year with new remote, social media and in-person programming. 2021 also saw the start to our first-ever weekly programming for elementary schoolers, Caring Allies for Relationship Equity, or CARE Club, in partnership with Vashon Youth and Family Services Vashon Kids program. We have continued to support McMurray’s Gender Sexuality Alliance (GSA) for LGBTQIA+ and Allied youth through weekly lunchtime programming. For adult community members, we offered over 50 hours of Holistic Wellness workshops and domestic violence training for mental health therapists and all EMTs with Vashon Fire and Rescue.

We thank you all for your support and partnership this past year and look forward to 2022!

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