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Holistic Wellness for Healing

As advocates for survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault, we know and understand there are many healing modalities that can be useful as one navigates their journey to wholeness. This is true for anyone who has experienced and is healing from trauma, either as a single event or an ongoing pattern. One such modality is of course, talk therapy. It can be so important and wonderful to have a compassionate and knowledgeable therapist with whom to unpack and sort through the issues road blocking our way to wellness. We have also witnessed how talk therapy on its own is sometimes not enough, and individuals find supplementing their therapeutic process with holistic wellness modalities helpful. Much research has been done on the effects of trauma and how trauma not only affects the mind, but also leaves residue in the nervous system and body in general. Holistic wellness has been associated with the term “full picture health.” Essentially what this term refers to are practices that value the health of the mind, body and soul, with not one layer of the person in this regard being valued above another. All of our layers are important to tend to for optimal healing and overall health! A holistic wellness approach realizes the interconnectedness of the many levels and layers of our being and takes all of them into account.

Tending to ourselves as a whole self is based on the age-old idea that we cannot truly find our way to wholeness if a part or parts of us are still unwell. Tending to all those parts may require varied strategies and techniques. The ultimate goal is to find our way to a happier and healthier self. This may take time, and we need to be gentle and patient with ourselves as we heal. Holistic wellness as a tool for overall healing may ask us to direct our lifestyle in general in a certain consistent way where, over time, we start to notice an improvement in how we feel intellectually, emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually. It’s much like a ferry boat as it turns; it cannot turn all at once in an instant, but little by little it turns, with persistent direction from the captain. We get to be the captain in this same way. It can always be a choice instead of a chore to bring those things into our lives that promote healing, and leave behind those things that are getting in our way to being the healthiest version of ourselves.

Our agency provides a colorful garden variety of holistic wellness events, workshops and opportunities throughout the year. There is no one size, one modality or path to wellness that fits all. In this way, it’s essential that there is a large menu of offerings to fit the varied needs of our community. These events are always free and always open to the entire community. Safety and wellness belongs to all of us! Please check out or events page for more information on upcoming Holistic Wellness Program offerings. Cheers to blossoming into your happiest and healthiest best self. - Nyn Grey, DOVE Community Advocate, Holistic Program Coordinator.

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