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FREE Altars of Healing Workshop

Altars of Healing In-Person Workshop for Domestic Violence Awareness Month

Date: October 29th Time: 6:30-7:30 Location: DOVE Project Office (masks required)

We are excited to offer “Altars of Healing: How to develop inner peace through the artistry of altar building” as a final event for our 2021 Domestic Violence Awareness Month.

This will be a mask-required, limited space event for up to six participants who identify as survivors, so please reserve your spot ASAP!

Through this workshop, participants will connect and learn how to create their own sacred spaces that may provide support and rejuvenation in times of stress.

This workshop stems from facilitator Julia Anderson’s 2020 altar building project and subsequent book, “Altars of Healing,” which chronicles her time navigating the stressors of the pandemic through art.

Julia writes, “In 2020, with my kids suddenly out of school and myself out of work following the lockdown from Covid, I found myself anxiety ridden and disconnected. As a survivor of sexual assault, this wasn't the first time I had felt alone, scared, and unsure what to do…. So, I decided to try building an altar out of special totems, feathers, rocks, and photos in my cabin. Altars represent reverence to me - they highlight what is important beyond the ups and downs of daily living…. Making sense and meaning through these visual representations of what I cared about most, helped me move out from fear and step toward love.”

Participants will each receive a copy of Julia’s book and special token of appreciation. Please email Nyn at: to reserve your spot or for any further information.

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