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REGROWING OUR WINGS: Yoga for Healing Trauma

Focused on compounded trauma, anxiety, stress, and depression during COVID-19

These times are complicated, and sometimes overwhelming. Isolation and stress compounded

may increase or create anxiety, depression and/ or symptoms of post-traumatic stress. It is also

common for interpersonal conflict to intensify, and it can be hard to know where to turn.

Yoga can be a wonderful tool in the healing process. The practice of yoga can allow us to create

a safe space within ourselves to reconnect the parts of us that may feel severed or lost. It can

allow us to build tools to find a sense of spaciousness and connection within our own situations,

whatever they are. As this reconnection occurs, yoga can teach us to calm our nervous systems

with breath, physical poses, and meditation; and to gradually undo the chronic tension, pain,

and emotional and physical responses resulting from the trauma’s imprint. Yoga teaches us that

we are already whole, and that our identity is not the experiences we go through, but the self

that can touch on peace, self-understanding, and joy regardless of our circumstances.

In this workshop, we will use the protocol I have created for healing trauma to address these

specific concerns. You will learn to use the practices to read the messages in your symptoms

and to address them according to what they tell you.

These practices are adaptable for all mobilities, and no experience is necessary. All bodies are


This workshop is free and open to all online, in partnership with The Dove Project.

Thursdays from 4pm- 530pm PST

October 1-22


Contact Nyn at to register

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